Our Story

Our story is born out of the experience of catastrophic damage to First United Methodist Church of Port St. Joe, FL from a Category 5 storm named Hurricane Michael in 2018. Our sanctuary and 75% of our church campus was destroyed by the wind the waves. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, it seemed that our church and its ministries where coming to an end due to lack of funds and the catastrophic communal damage. However, what we experienced was miraculous. Our church banded together and our attendance and ministries surged. We found out that even though we lost our homes, restaurants, and church we where more resilient than we knew. We discovered that FEMA had opened up the Public Assistant Grant process to Housed of Worship for the first time that same year. We where able to build a great team to make a plan to make our church buildings whole and more storm-hardened. We believe that God has blessed us with a great recovery, so that we can bless others who are facing the same challenges. Because the FEMA process is new to Houses of Worship, we have been inundated with requests for help during these busy hurricane seasons, so we created REBUILD Disaster Recovery Ministry to aid churches and religious non-profits in the recovery process.